We are most fulfilled when our lives are defined to be a blessing to others; when we know that our existence gives the other person hope, there is a sense of responsibility conferred on us to really strive harder and not throw in the towel.

Yes, in some parts of our world, there are still a large number of groups who battle with a roof for shelter, what to be fed with, no or poor education, poor nutrition and even to an extent, the void of love being sought for. Therefore for us, we resonate with the cries and needs of the less privileged in our community, this is why we are poised to empower in various ways.

Orphanage empowerment, one, amongst various projects we embark on, empowers individuals who have suffered rejection, abuse, stigmatization, homelessness and the orphaned, with basic needs such as food, water, rice, oil, toiletries, clothes, et al, language proficiency package and educational sponsorship programme – PASS for children at the Senior High level.

Our visit to the Save Them Young Mission was a defining moment. December 12, gave us an opportunity to once again, empower a home for orphans, abused and homeless.

Having existed for twenty-five years, the home had strived to put up a learning facility to enroll the children through school. However, the home still struggles to fully provide basic needs for its inhabitants and therefore depends on the support from entities, individuals and groups who are touched to support. As usual, not only did we donate food items, clothes but we also left the children with memories of basic French conversation, a beautiful choreograph display, music and words of encouragement.



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