Pleroma Academy is a private, not for profit, non-sectarian institution regulated by local law. The founders of Pleroma Academy are motivated by a passion to create a community where young people are inspired and equipped for excellence.  Pleroma Academy is one of the leading language institution in Ghana that uniquely caters for the needs of its students holistically embedding social, soft skills development and talent development in its curriculum. Our aim is to provide each student with the best opportunities to acquire a practical language skill in a fun and stimulating environment.
The institution offers programmes for various age groups from many different countries and is located in Tema, Community.

Delivering value to our community through education.

To inspire and develop balanced, highly motivated global citizens, conscious of their responsibilities to others, and confident in their ability to succeed, by providing an immersive professional, language and soft skills training, leadership and talent development

At Pleroma our PEOPLE core values is our highest priority and our fundamental driving forces. They demonstrate our expectations and represent who we are, what we believe and what we do.


Our passion drives our commitment to excellence, resilience and unleashes our creativity.


We believe strong morals and ethical behavior will build, earn trust and sustain our achievements.


We believe the right systems and contents will deliver value to our people.


We approach life from a standpoint of love, faith and unity.


 We believe leadership is a call to purposely serve and care. Effective leadership is the bridge to an enduring   legacy.


We take ownership of our development and forge the right partnership for success.