The right to education is one of the basic needs of Human Rights, a core element in every condolence of our world; Formal or Informal, the drive of young people to establish their ideas and have a formidable picture of their future is deeply fetched. However, there is still a percentage of young individuals who haven’t had any yet, have no access to further their education to the tertiary level.

The birthing of PASS Programme comes to support the agenda of Africa and African leaders to get illiteracy packing out of our society today. PASS was launched at Royal Seed Orphanage in Kasoa on the 23rd March 2018.

The aim of PASS Programme is to raise young ethical leaders for Ghana, Africa and the world by giving opportunity to young individuals of low income to further their education at the tertiary level. With the Student Sponsorship programme – PASS, individuals who qualify to the tertiary but are financially challenged would have the opportunity to be on a full four-year scholarship to the university.

Through PASS, we seek to join hands with sponsors, mentors and donors all around the world with like passion and strong abhorrence for  illiteracy to empower the youth, raise and nurture a society of consciously responsible citizens.

PASS; Because we care, We Empower….