General French

Our programme for French Studies is structured in line with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) of the European Council.
We help you develop your fluency in speaking French through comprehensive listening, reading, interaction and writing lessons.
Our course offers you a three-month study, running through from January – March; April-June ; July – September and October – December; all with a 3hour weekly lesson and weekend lessons for 2hrs of study.
Our programme is also embedded with soft skills in personal development to equip you for a more rewarding personal, social and professional life towards your achievements.


Pleroma Academy also registers for exams in DELF, PRIM, DELF JUNIOR, DELF-DALF & TCF which are written at Alliance Française, and earn a certificate from us on completion.

Corporate French

Pleroma Academy readily equips you with firsthand skills in fluency and expression, in Speaking French and using it the corporate way. Advantaged to our understanding of learning, we have an ideally unique way of using immersive creativity, practicality and fun approaches to learning French the easy way.

The language programme uses an internationally recognized educational system that is inclined with a global method of learning. The language programme also takes and interactive and active-oriented form, that is committed to equipping you with the requisite speaking skills in French.

Kid and Teen French class

Fun and creativity are synonymous to kids and learning. This is why Pleroma Academy speaks the language of kids and teens by providing them with an immersive practical way of learning French.

Pleroma Academy provides tender students the appropriate environment to enhance progressive growth in acquiring the French language.

Teen Immersive French vacation

Learning beyond the borders of the classroom is one most commendable way of learning a new language. The exposure to interesting places, meeting people with different backgrounds and different culture will all facilitate your ability to speak the French language.
Join our French Vacation Trips to learn French through practical experience and fun trips and activities on our visits to amazing countries where French language is spoken.
At Pleroma Academy, our program caters for children of different age groups. There’s never a dull moment!