General English

Our General English language programme is designed to enhance the skills in effective and fluent speech in English Language.
The Language programme is designed to enhance fluency in communication, within a period of three months, and beyond, with weekly schedules for each month for three hours.

The Programme runs in Four sessions yearly, building learners through a minimum of three month of study :
January – March      April- June       July –September and  October – December.
In each three-month session, the programme seeks to develop English learners through Beginner Level to Advanced level over a total duration of 180 hrs in absence of public holidays.

For Beginner LEVEL, A1: Low Understanding and Speaking of English
For Elementary LEVEL, A2: Slow pace in speaking and fair understanding of English
For Intermediate LEVEL, B1&B2: Good Understanding and Speaking of English
For Advanced Level, C1: For more complex and diversified understanding and expression in English Language.

Every one is unique to particular way of assimilating information.
This course provides you with the necessary diversity of learning methods which help build learners through the foundational building blocks in speaking English:

1. Grammar & Vocabulary:
This introduces learners to the basics of recognizing new words in English, showing them how to use the words they learn appropriately in constructing meaningful sentences both in writing and speaking.

2. Reading & Writing: Learners are taught how to read with effective supportive aid of the teachers, through practical passages while practicing the art of writing in different forms.

3. Listening & Speaking: In order to enhance more Fluency, this method of learning helps learners build their listening skills through audio and video conversations and gives the platform to further engage in class room discussions. This section is often creative and can take place
inside the lecture hall or outside the lecture hall.

4. Phonics & Pronunciation
To speak and speak better, the Phonics and Pronunciation section helps learners through right word accentuations and helps them identify the sounds that form different words in English.

Our programme is also embedded with soft skills in personal development to equip you for a more rewarding personal, social and professional life towards your achievements.

After completing a full session, and meeting the ESL standard of qualification, learners are awarded with a certificate of attestation, endorsed by Ghana Education Service.

Past Student experiences


On completing three or more months in any of our language courses, the benefactor is eligible to a certificate from Pleroma Academy. In addition, Pleroma Academy also enrolls in TOEFL and IELTS Tests and as well, GEP; an exam with a British certification, in affiliation with the Global Language Training.

Professional English

Pleroma Academy has tailored needs for professional and corporate individuals. Our professional English programme focuses on developing effective business communication for the corporate world.

We focus on good fluency and acquisition of intonation of the English Language through our approach of learning: immersive with creativity, practicality and socially indulging activities that encourage our students to learn the easy way.

Teen immersive English vacation

Teens are more acquainted with the fun and creative way of learning and that is exactly what Pleroma Academy brings to the table of learning a new language.

We take you away from the borders of the classroom, let your mind on a creative drive to learning a new language.

Our learning style is more interactive and active-oriented.

We understand it creative way, the practical way and the fun way, which are our approaches to learning.