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  • The online learning pathway has recorded distinguished performances of up to 97% in Cambridge Exams, and about 99% of subscribers have confidently found its delivery credible!
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  • Still enjoy a classroom interaction with other learners via zoom conference platform


Phonics & Pronunciation

Ghc 210

8 weeks

Saturdays 1h 20

 Google Meet/Zoom

The basis of speaking any language is to be familiar with how the letters that form words sound.
Enroll to start working on how your hear the sounds of words!!!

General English Online

Ghc 599/4 weeks/ 5 x a week /60 hours

Ghc 499/6 weeks/ 3 x a week /54 hours

Ghc 899/4 weeks/ 5 x a week /54 hours (Private Class)

Monday – Friday /MWF or TTS/ 3 hours

1h20 Elearning platform/1h40 Google Meet/Zoom

English has gone Global! It has become more useful for work, academics and travel.
This is where you get a solid online team of great achievers to help you Speak English with fun!

English Pro

Ghc 699/4 weeks/ 5 x a week /60 hours

Ghc 539/6 weeks/ 3 x a week /54 hours

Ghc 975/4 weeks/ 3 x a week /54 hours (Private Class)

Monday – Friday /MWF or TTS/ 3 hours

1h20 Elearning platform/1h40 Google Meet/Zoom

English is on a high demand in the corporate world now!
Whether you are a frontline service provider, Human Resource Manager, Relationship Manager, Travel Agent, etc. the online English Pro is tailored to build your vocabulary in your field!

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1. Join our experienced teachers for free live and interactive practice sessions on Facebook and zoom all year long. . Make sure you check the schedule of sessions by clicking here.
2. Join Pleroma English Club on facebook for language tips
3. Read our blog for students and learn more about Ghana and English culture as well as learning loads of useful words and phrases.

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English online is a unique and new way to learn English. We know that some people use their phone to learn English, others use a tablet or a laptop. So we have made all our courses and videos accessible via any device at any time of day or night. You can learn how and when you like!