Every human is entitled to the right to basic needs. However, what happens in the case of a travesty when a part of the community loses grip of the basic needs to survive physically including the right to education?

This is the need of the community, that moved Pleroma Academy to visit the Home of Future Stars Orphanage in Kasoa. 
With support from loved ones who shared like passions, Pleroma Academy made donations of some packaged food items, cartons of drinks and water, Cooking Oil and many more to the home.

Pleroma Academy pursues this socially rewarding donation every year. The organization does not only embark on this initiative to make donations, but to also empower student-orphans, and arouse their interest for the French Language and serve them with the opportunity to benefit from its PASS Programme if they studied diligently.

At Pleroma Academy, we aim to inspire and empower the community through the value of education.

Pleroma Academy; because we care, we empower…