Great visions are born out of great men and great men have great stories that inspire, provoke and empower. He was a blessed benefactor of a tertiary educational support that steered his career onto the next level. Out of this life changing experience, he desired to stretch this same helping hand to thousands and millions; that this desire to empower people through education would outlive him, his family and his generation.

The determined visionary, Mr Ousmane Odjo together with his beloved wife, Mrs Mylande Odjo moved to settle in Ghana in the year 2016 where PLEROMA ACADEMY took flesh. Having spent time as a worker over the years, the relentlessly supportive woman by Mr Ousmane Odjo, Mylande Odjo, left her contract as employee with the OMA Group in 2018 to pioneer the vision of her beloved husband.

The couple’s immense passion for education and good taste of the experience of life has birthed the vision of Pleroma Academy, which has been since its inception in September 2018 a center that delivers value to communities through education. Pleroma Academy since then, has been on the journey to inspire and develop balanced, highly motivated global citizens, who are conscious of their responsibilities to others, and confident in their ability to succeed, through sponsorship and educational programmes.

 PLEROMA ACADEMY places high value on P.E.O.P.L.E. and because we care about people, we are poised to empower.

PLEROMA ACADEMY …Because we care, We empower…


Pleroma Academy is one of the best social enterprises in Africa promoting education. Pleroma Academy uniquely caters for the needs of the community holistically embedding social, soft skills,talent development and language proficiency into its portfolio of services, while enabling access to tertiary education among low-income learners in Africa.

We aim to support the African government initiatives of quality access to tertiary education, hence contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Non – Discrimination

Pleroma Academy is a private non-profit, non-sectarian institution regulated by local law. Pleroma Academy actively empowers the community without discrimination on the basis of race, color, nationality and ethnic origin.

Our sponsorship programmes are made available to all who meet the required criteria. Neither Pleroma Academy nor Pleroma Academy foundation have any political affiliation in Ghana or Abroad.

Pleroma Academy cooperates with all stakeholders to achieve its mission.


Our Vision

Delivering value to our community through education.

Our Mission

To inspire and develop balanced, highly motivated global citizens, conscious of their responsibilities to others, and confident in their ability to succeed, by offering various sponsorship and educational development support programmes.

Our Values

At Pleroma Academy our PEOPLE core values is our highest priority and our fundamental driving forces. They demonstrate our expectations and represent who we are, what we believe and what we do..



Our passion drives our commitment to excellence, resilience and unleashes our creativity.



We believe strong morals and ethical behavior will build, earn trust and sustain our achievements.



We believe the right systems and contents will deliver value to our people.



We approach life from a standpoint of love, faith and unity.



We believe leadership is a call to purposely serve and care. Effective leadership is the bridge to an enduring legacy.



We take ownership of our development and forge the right partnership for success.